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Services Provided at the Motion Analysis Lab

Photo: Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis

Evaluation of walking pattern using sophisticated camera technology to analyze three-dimensional lower-extremity joint motion, force plates to analyze the forces acting on the body that influence gait, and electromyography (EMG) to analyze muscle activation patterns.

Sample Gait Report

Photo: Strength Assesment

Strength Assesment

Computerized strength dynomometry is used to measure a muscle group’s performance during pushing and pulling movements. A Biodex System 3 dynomometer assesses upper and lower extremitity muscle groups, identifying weaknesses or imbalances.

Biodex Sample Report

Balance Assesment

Computerized balance assessment using the NeuroCom SMART EquiTest system to systematically evaluate how sensory information is used and how motor strategies are generated within the context of standing balance.

Limits of Stability Report                      Sensory Organization Test Report

Photo: Wheelchair Analysis

Wheelchair & Upper-Extremity Analysis

Wheelchair analysis uses motion capture technology to analyze 3-D upper extremity joint motion (kinematics) and forces (kinetics), propulsion patterns and body positioning. A SmartWheel is used to examine manual wheelchair use by analyzing each push on the handrim to measure: push force, frequency, length, smoothness, speed, etc.

SmartWheel Report


Image: Foot Pressure Reading

Dynamic Pedobarography

Dynamic pedobarography, also called Plantar Pressure Analysis, is a technique that measures how pressure is distributed across the bottom of the foot during walking.

Sample Pedobarography Report

Photo: Oxygen Consumption Testing

Energy Expenditure Testing

Energy expenditure assessed using cardio pulmonary equipment provides a breath-by-breath evaluation of the amount of calories burned at rest or during activity.

Sample Energy Expenditure Report